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Mobile and Blended Learning Innovations for Improved Learning Outcomes

Mobile and Blended Learning Innovations for Improved Learning Outcomes
Author(s)/Editor(s): David Parsons (The Mind Lab by Unitec, New Zealand)
Copyright: ©2016
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0359-0
ISBN13: 9781522503590
ISBN10: 1522503595
EISBN13: 9781522503606


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The integration of technology into educational settings has revolutionized classroom instruction in recent years. By properly utilizing available digital resources, students’ learning experiences can be significantly enhanced.

Mobile and Blended Learning Innovations for Improved Learning Outcomes is an authoritative reference source for the latest research on the use and benefits of technological tools in contemporary classrooms and showcases how these devices improve the overall learning process. Highlighting the distinctions and interactions between mobile and blended education, this book is ideally designed for practitioners, professionals, academicians, and students interested in the effective implementation of modern technology in the classroom.

Reviews and Testimonials

Parsons and his contributors address the types of mobile and blended learning innovations that might lead to improved learning outcomes. They explore the key characteristics of both blended and mobile learning and find through their analyses that both types of learning encompass complex interactions between technologies, pedagogies, contexts and individuals, providing an almost limitless set of opportunities for innovative work that explores new ways to teach and learn.

– ProtoView Reviews

This is a formidable look at evolving trends in contemporary education. Available in print and as an e-book, the 366-page volume is part of the Advances in Mobile and Distance Learning (AMDL) Book Series. Editor David Parson of “The Mind Lab by Unitec” of New Zealand has ample background in academia and the IT industry. Parsons was aided in selection of content by reviewers and studies were chosen based on timeliness and authority in learning and innovation.
The front matter includes a “Detailed Table of Contents” which gives effective narrative for each of the 15 chapters. The chapters are organized into the following sections; Blended Learning, Mobile Learning, Mobile and Blended Learning, and Literature Reviews. Chapters are written by researchers and include useful headings such as Hypothesis Testing, Implications, and Conclusion and Further Testing as well as more common subtopics. Black-and-white photos, figures, and tables further data significance for research.
Pedagogies today are continually in a state of evolution and Mobile and Blended Learning Innovations for Improved Learning Outcomes compiles the latest technologies and pedagogies with analysis and suggested further study for use in blended and mobile learning models. With many junctures to blending and mobile references in the solid index, researchers will also discover other learning styles such as scaffold learning and active learning. Learning studies and pedagogical frameworks, with many experiential opportunities, will give readers significant fodder for innovation in learning. Electronic learning, mobile technologies, case studies, learning styles, and specific programs all contribute to this comprehensive and much needed collection.
Learning is no longer a traditional brick and mortar process. Classrooms are now blended with mediated instruction and technology, and oftentimes education is completely portable using digital devices and online resources. Education today incorporates all of this as well as the added importance of interaction between parents, cultures, peers, and caregivers for a strong foundation of higher order thinking. In a global society with complex learning options and needs for the job force, the compilation of many innovations and the springboard for further investigation makes this a compelling resource.
Recommended for higher education institutions,
is very useful to professors, researches, and students. This is also a valuable tool for those seeking authoritative studies on the intertwining of education and technology in school administration, global studies, and other applications.

– Janis Minshull, ARBA Reviews

Author's/Editor's Biography

David Parsons (Ed.)
David Parsons is National Postgraduate Director for The Mind Lab by Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand. He holds a PhD in Information Technology and a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and has wide experience in both academia and the IT industry. He is the founding editor in chief of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL) and author of a number of texts on computer programming, web application development and mobile learning. He chaired the Conference on Mobile Learning Technologies and Applications in 2007 and was co-editor of ‘Innovative Mobile Learning: Techniques and Technologies’ (Information Science Reference, 2009). He also edits the annual compilations of papers from IJMBL that are published as a regular series of books. He is a member of the International Association for Mobile Learning and a professional member of the British Computer Society.


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