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Beyond Knowledge Management

Beyond Knowledge Management
Author(s)/Editor(s): Brian Lehaney (University of Luton Business School, UK), Steve Clarke (University of Hull Business School, UK), Elayne Coakes (University of Westminster, UK) and Gillian Jack (University of Glamorgan, UK)
Copyright: ©2004
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-180-3
ISBN13: 9781591401803
ISBN10: 1591401801
EISBN13: 9781591401810


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Beyond Knowledge Management provides a balance of conceptual and practical aspects of Knowledge Management, offering the opportunity for students and practitioners to understand and effectively consider knowledge management approaches in their organizations. Everyday examples are used to lead the reader into the development of Knowledge Management, then further into a conceptual perspective, and finally to the practical application of Knowledge Management in organizations.

Reviews and Testimonials

An important book that starts by questioning what knowledge management really is and ends by arguing that it must be embedded firmly into organizational culture to succeed. Somewhere in between it offers us practical frameworks to actually make it all work.

– Paul Drake, University of Hull, United Kingdom

[Beyond Knowledge Management] describes a way to improve KM by shifting from a technological focus to a social focus. The authors' use of sociotechnology focuses attention on the argument that technology should be secondary to people. Coming from an academic background in the UK, the authors bring a wide variety of research and practical experience to the problem of why typical KM systems fail.

– Tom Warren, Technical Communication, Volume 52, No. 3, p. 387

The authors of the book are researchers specializing in the areas covered b this book. [Beyond Knowledge Management] includes a long list of references (13 pages) and a comprehensive review on existing frameworks, making it useful to the practitioners and managers involved in an organization's knowledge management practice. It is well-written.

– R. Qu, University of Notingham, UK, in Journal of the Operational Research Society (2005) 56, p. 477

The book succeeds superbly at creating a framework for understanding many of the various competing theories and languages in the field.

– Michael Gilbert, the Gilbert Center, in Nonprofit Online News (June 2006)

Author's/Editor's Biography

Brian Lehaney
Brian Lehaney is Head of Statistics and Operational Research and Professor of Systems Management at Coventry University’s School of Mathematical and Information Sciences (UK). He is an experienced, active researcher, and was recently Project Leader on an EC-funded project on knowledge management. He has published in many international refereed journals, and he has also worked as a referee and editor for such journals. He has examined PhDs for other universities, and has had his own students complete PhDs successfully. His focus is on theory into practice in the knowledge management domain. His current PhD students are working on knowledge culture and knowledge sharing. He has been a reviewer of large-sum projects for various funding bodies. He has given keynote and plenary papers at major international conferences on the theme of culture, process, and outcomes. He is a Fellow of the Operational Research society and a member of the Committee of Professors in Operational Research. Brian is joint editor of OR Insight.

Steve Clarke
Steve Clarke, Ph.D.received a BSc in Economics from The University of Kingston Upon Hull, an MBA from the University of Luton, and a PhD in human centred approaches to information systems development from Brunel University (UK). He is a professor of Information Systems in the University of Hull Business School (UK). He has extensive experience in management systems and information systems consultancy and research, focusing primarily on the identification and satisfaction of user needs and issues connected with knowledge management. His research interests include: social theory and information systems practice; strategic planning; and the impact of user involvement in the development of management systems. Professor Clarke is the co-editor of two books, Socio-Technical and Human Cognition Elements of Information Systems, 2003 published by Idea Group Publishing, and Beyond Knowledge Management, 2004 published by Idea Group Publishing.

Elayne Coakes
Elayne Coakes is a senior lecturer in business information management. She has a BA (Pub Admin) from Sheffield Polytechnic, a MSc (information systems), and a PhD (information systems) from Brunel University. Her current research relates to knowledge sharing in organizations. She is an internationally acknowledged expert on sociotechnical thinking and knowledge management. She was a visiting professor in Seville University (Spain), under the government grant scheme for distinguished, international scholars, a visiting research fellow in Queens University (Canada), and a keynote speaker at Manchester University (UK) at the Tribute day for Enid Mumford. As the Vice-Chair of the BCS Sociotechnical Special Group she is active in promoting information systems and has edited three books of international contributions in this field. Since then she has co-authored Beyond Knowledge Management and the Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management. Additionally, she has published more than sixty book chapters, peer reviewed journal articles, and conference papers.

Gillian Jack
Gillian Jack is the Head of Student Services at the University of Glamorgan (UK), with responsibility for the strategic development and implementation of support to some 18,000 students. Her research interest is in knowledge management and the development of frameworks to assess an organisations readiness to engage with the concept. Her interest in knowledge management is both at the conceptual side and at the implementation side. As a professional manger with responsibility for managing important resources and liaising at the highest level, she is very interested in the practical implications of knowledge management and in finding useful and sensible ways for organisations to engage with it. She is an associate editor of OR Insight with special responsibility for change management. She has written and presented conference papers at regional and international conferences and contributes to the "Learning Community" in South Wales. More recent interests include e-mentoring and e-student support.


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