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Optimizing Human-Computer Interaction With Emerging Technologies

Optimizing Human-Computer Interaction With Emerging Technologies
Author(s)/Editor(s): Francisco Cipolla-Ficarra (Latin Association of Human-Computer Interaction, Spain & International Association of Interactive Communication, Italy)
Copyright: ©2018
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2616-2
ISBN13: 9781522526162
ISBN10: 1522526161
EISBN13: 9781522526179


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The ways in which humans communicate with one another is constantly evolving. Technology plays a large role in this evolution via new methods and avenues of social and business interaction.

Optimizing Human-Computer Interaction With Emerging Technologies is a primary reference source featuring the latest scholarly perspectives on technological breakthroughs in user operation and the processes of communication in the digital era. Including a number of topics such as health information technology, multimedia, and social media, this publication is ideally designed for professionals, technology developers, and researchers seeking current research on technology’s role in communication.

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Author's/Editor's Biography

Francisco Cipolla-Ficarra (Ed.)
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra is a professor, research and writer. PhD-Ing. Area: Multimedia (1999). B.A. in Social Communication (1988). B.A. in Computer Programming and Systems Analysis (1983). Manager and coordinator of the first Human-Computer Interaction Lab. in Barcelona, Spain (1997 – 1999). Professor in American and European universities, technical and professional colleges (1981 – present), subjects: computer science, computer graphics and animation, human-computer interaction, design and multimedia. Scientific journalist and writer (1989 – present). CEO: Blue Herons Editions. Coordinator of AInCI (International Association of Interactive Communication – and ALAIPO (Latin Association International of Human-Computer Interaction – Main research interests: HCI, communicability, quality, auditory and evaluation of interactive systems, computer graphics and animation, social communication, semiotics, e-learning, video games, ecological and cultural heritage. ACM and IEEE member.


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