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Proposed Curriculum Guidelines for Masters Programs in EM With an IS Focus

Proposed Curriculum Guidelines for Masters Programs in EM With an IS Focus
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Author(s): Linda Plotnick (New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, USA), S. Roxanne Hiltz (New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, USA), Murray Turoff (New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, USA) and Julie Dugdale (University Grenoble-Alps, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory (LIG), Grenoble, France)
Copyright: 2019
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Pages: 19
Source title: International Journal of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (IJISCRAM)
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Víctor Amadeo Bañuls Silvera (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain) and Murray E. Jennex (San Diego State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/IJISCRAM.2019010101


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Information systems (IS) in emergency management (EM) support situational awareness and agility during a disaster so that professionals do not only need to follow rigid pre-defined plans that might be unsuitable in the unfolding situation. To use IS effectively, managers need an understanding of the capabilities of these systems; this can be achieved through an appropriate set of educational courses. This article presents the results of the analysis of a survey that proposed EM and IS courses for master level programs. The survey was completed by 373 practitioners, academics and/or researchers with EM experience. All proposed courses were rated above a 4 on a 7-point scale for how essential they are to a curriculum. A qualitative analysis indicates that some low ratings were due to disagreement over the described course content. An unexpected finding was that a substantial number of respondents spontaneously expressed opposition to the use of IS for EM in general. Findings are discussed and a preliminary curriculum is proposed.

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