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Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT)

Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT)
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Andrew Borchers (Lipscomb University, USA)
Published: Continuous Volume
Copyright: ©1999
DOI: 10.4018/JCIT
ISSN: 1548-7717
EISSN: 1548-7725


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The Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT) publishes comprehensive, real-life teaching cases, empirical and applied research-based case studies, and case studies based on individual, organizational, and societal experiences related to the utilization and management of information technology. Cases published in JCIT deal with a wide variety of organizations such as businesses, government organizations, educational institutions, libraries, non-profit organizations, and so forth. Additionally, cases published in JCIT report not only successful utilization of IT applications, but also failures and mismanagement of IT resources and applications. In addition to full-length cases and articles, JCIT periodically publishes teaching notes on innovative teaching approaches and critical incidents (short cases intended for use in a single class period). As a refereed, international journal, the JCIT provides effective understanding, solutions, and lessons learned in the utilization and management of information systems applications, technology, and resources. The impact of technology in a particular setting is described, analyzed, and synthesized for the objective of offering solutions for successful strategies.


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The Journal of Cases on Information Technology (JCIT) is an international refereed journal whose primary mission is to provide understanding and lessons learned in regard to all aspects of information technology utilization and management in individual, organizational, and societal experiences. In every discipline, some of the most powerful tools in the hands of educators, researchers, and managers are cases based on the experiences of others. Teaching cases and case studies are tremendous sources of solutions, knowledge, ideas, and innovations related to the utilization and management of information systems. The goal of JCIT is to provide a unique opportunity for research to take the shape of experience, implementation, and application.

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Testimonials and Reviews

"I have been associated with JCIT (and its predecessor ACIT) for the past five years as an author, reviewer and, now, associate editor. JCIT provides a rich collection of IT cases on a wide range of IT topics. Over this time I’ve seen the rigor of the review process, and I’m confident in the quality of the end product. Faculty in the IT discipline can count on JCIT to provide valuable teaching tools for their undergraduate and graduate classes."
- Andrew Borchers, Kettering University, USA

"Real-life examples of information technology are the life blood of rich postgraduate work that is challenging, relevant, and interesting for students. The Journal of Cases in Information Technology provides such real life examples and it is being continually updated and added to. The Journal of Cases in Information Technology is an important academic resource which I turn to when setting postgraduate course work."
- Judith Symonds, AUT University, New Zealand

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