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International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering (IJITWE)

International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering (IJITWE)
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Ghazi I. Alkhatib (The Hashemite University, Jordan (retired))
Published: Continuous Volume
Copyright: ©2006
DOI: 10.4018/IJITWE
ISSN: 1554-1045
EISSN: 1554-1053


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Organizations are continuously overwhelmed by a variety of new information technologies; many are Web-based. These new technologies are capitalizing on the widespread use of network and communication technologies for seamless integration of various issues in information and knowledge sharing within and among organizations. This emphasis on integrated approaches is unique to this journal and dictates cross platform and multidisciplinary strategy to research and practice.


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The main objective of the International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering (IJITWE) is to publish refereed papers in the area covering information technology (IT) concepts, tools, methodologies, and ethnography in the contexts of global communication systems and Web engineered applications. In accordance with this emphasis on the Web and communication systems, this journal publishes papers on IT research and practice that support seamless end-to-end information and knowledge flow among individuals, teams, and organizations. This end-to-end strategy for research and practice requires emphasis on integrated research among the various steps involved in data/knowledge (structured and unstructured) capture (manual or automated), classification and clustering, storage, analysis, synthesis, dissemination, display, consumption, and feedback. The secondary objective is to assist in the evolving and maturing of IT-dependent organizations, as well as individuals, in information and knowledge based culture and commerce, including e-commerce.

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Testimonials and Reviews

“With the increasing reliance on Web-based systems, individuals and organizations, and developing societies in general are looking for new ways to share experiences, knowledge, and innovative methodologies through the different technologies and innovations of Web engineering. Researchers, practitioners, and academicians will find in the International Journal of IT and Web Engineering an outlet to publish and share their original work and experiences on the use of current IT in engineering Web systems. This journal can also be a source for current and up-to-date processes, models, and techniques for the different types of Web-based systems such as integrating transactions processing and operations in inter- and intra-enterprise systems. The journal can promote previously well-studied critical concepts of integration with a more innovative and dynamic approach to seamless information services management in gross platform and gross organizational systems that are either Web-based or Web-enabled. In global economies, where the Web now plays such a major role in linking enterprises and governments together, this journal advocates a much needed strategy in research and applications that emphasizes exchange of data, information, and knowledge to foster intelligent and innovative cooperation. Moreover, the Journal advocates an increased efficiency in using and maintaining information and knowledge as a major resource and technology in organizations. The International Journal of IT and Web Engineering will lead to the development of systematic and disciplined approaches to data, information and knowledge capture, storage, access, and dissemination across and among different systems deployed disparately over the Web and within and among all entities in information economies. The journal is timely for assisting, through new ideas, the prevention of many systems that are deployed over the Web from becoming problematic legacy systems.”
- Moataz Ahmed, LEROS Technologies Corporation and SONEX Enterprises Inc., USA

"There is growing interest in Web engineered systems and these are the basis of next generation enterprise IT systems with a grid architecture. This approach is being applied across commerce, entertainment, government, industry, education, and research. The new International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering should see many important papers in such areas as how distributed systems are transformed by Web technology. I look forward to publishing in this journal."
- Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University, USA

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