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International Journal of Applied Nanotechnology Research (IJANR)

International Journal of Applied Nanotechnology Research (IJANR)
Formerly Journal of Nanotoxicology and Nanomedicine (JNN)
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Bakhtiyor Rasulev (North Dakota State University, USA)
Published: Continuous Volume
Copyright: ©2019
DOI: 10.4018/IJANR
ISSN: 2640-0383
EISSN: 2640-0391


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The International Journal of Applied Nanotechnology Research (IJANR) publishes key research that addresses the science and technology of nanosized and micro-sized materials, including synthesis, characterization and applications in various areas of human life. The scope of the journal is very interdisciplinary and covers research related to chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, computer science, medicine and environmental related issues and applications. Focusing on both theoretical and experimental research in nanotechnology, this journal is an ideal reference source for various professionals in the field, including chemists, engineers, biologists, medical and pharmaceutical professionals, environmental scientists, academics, and upper-level students.


Volume 6, Issue 1
Volume 5, Issue 1
Volume 4, Issue 2
Volume 4, Issue 1


The mission of the International Journal of Applied Nanotechnology Research (IJANR) is to promote innovative research in nanotechnology, green and sustainable manufacturing, positive human health, including environmental well-being, better diagnosis and treatments in medicine, and improving the life and natural biological structure and function of humans through new knowledge discovery in the field of micro-scale and nano-scale technology and science. IJANR aims to advance the available research in this field and also enable future research developments.

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