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Glucolipid Metabolic Disease (GMD)

Glucolipid Metabolic Disease (GMD)

Published in Partnership with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China

Open Access Funding Provided by Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China

Editor(s)-in-Chief: Jiao Guo (Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China)
Published: Continuous Volume
Copyright: ©2023
DOI: 10.4018/GMD
ISSN: 2831-4697
EISSN: 2831-4689


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Glucolipid Metabolic Disease presents innovative peer-reviewed clinical and scientific research on the identification, prevention, control, and treatment of glucolipid metabolic diseases (GLMD). Due to lifestyle changes in recent years, this chronic disorder has resulted in an economic burden to healthcare systems around the world and poses a significant problem for public health. The ongoing prevalence of such metabolic diseases, with links to diabetes and obesity, indicates that current prevention and treatment methods are not working. Thus, it is imperative that finding new strategies to mitigate GLMD be undertaken by the world’s foremost experts.

Glucolipid Metabolic Disease publishes these efforts through leading research articles, commentaries, and reviews that discuss all aspects of GLMD. The journal places an emphasis on investigative reports that focus on areas such as the pathogenesis of lipemia, diabetes, steatohepatitis, arteriosclerotic cardio-cerebrovascular disease, and other factors which cause glucolipid metabolic disorder, including their complications, normal and pathologic organic function and intermediary metabolism, pharmacological mechanisms of drug and hormone action, and biochemical and molecular aspects of normal and abnormal biological processes. Pharmacologic and pharmacokinetics studies, meta-analyses, and molecular mechanism research are encouraged to be published as original articles.


Glucolipid Metabolic Disease seeks to share the latest quality research encompassing all aspects of glucolipid metabolic diseases. As an international journal with global contributions and reach, it aims to blend Eastern and Western perspectives and practices to determine the best prevention and control methods for these types of disorders. In order to combat the rise of GLMD, alternative medicine and mainstream practices can be blended to achieve equitable health solutions and tout the highest form of inclusive medicine. Via this global collaboration, the journal aims to become the premier forum to solve GLMD across all countries and demographics.

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