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SDRule Markup Language: Towards Modeling and Interchanging Ontological Commitments for Semantic Decision Making

SDRule Markup Language: Towards Modeling and Interchanging Ontological Commitments for Semantic Decision Making
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Author(s): Yan Tang (Free University of Brussels, Belgium) and Robert Meersman (Free University of Brussels, Belgium)
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 25
Source title: Handbook of Research on Emerging Rule-Based Languages and Technologies: Open Solutions and Approaches
Source Author(s)/Editor(s): Adrian Giurca (Brandenburg Technology University at Cottbus, Germany), Dragan Gasevic (Athabasca University, Canada) and Kuldar Taveter (University of Melbourne, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-402-6.ch005



The emergence of ontology based applications, e.g. the Semantic Web, marks the importance of ontologies. Application rules, such as decision making rules, are often committed to an existing domain ontology when a new application needs to be designed and developed. During this process, the semantics of application rules is required to be precisely grounded. In this chapter, we tackle the problems of modeling and interchanging ontological commitments in order to support ontology based decision making. We model and visualize ontological commitments by means of an extension to Object Role Modeling Language (ORM), which was called ORM Plus (ORM+) and is now named Semantic Decision Rule Language (SDRule-L). SDRule-L is a commitment language for modeling dynamic and non-monotonic decision rules. SDRule-L models are further stored in an XML-based markup language called Semantic Rule Markup Language (SDRule ML), which is a hybrid language of Rule Markup Language (Rule-ML) and Object Role Modeling Markup Language (ORM-ML). We also illustrate its supporting tool called SDRule-Lex, which is based on Tiny Lexon Browser (T-Lex). We demonstrate in the field of on-line customer management.

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