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Digital Art Events and Digital Art Museums

Digital Art Events and Digital Art Museums
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Author(s): Evrim Çeltek (Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, Turkey)
Copyright: 2021
Pages: 16
Source title: Impact of ICTs on Event Management and Marketing
Source Author(s)/Editor(s): Kemal Birdir (Mersin University, Turkey), Sevda Birdir (Mersin University, Turkey), Ali Dalgic (Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Turkey) and Derya Toksoz (Mersin University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4954-4.ch008


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The development of information communication technologies and the increase in use have made it utilized as a tool for cultural and artistic production. Digital art, where technology and art coexist, has created a free working space for the artist. Digital art is a contemporary type of art that includes many different art methods such as sound art, computer graphics, virtual art, internet art, robotics, video, interactive art, computer animation, and it distinguishes itself from the old visual arts. The cities that have come to the fore with art in the world become the tourist attraction centers. In this context, tourist attraction centers can be created by developing digital art. The development of digital art and the increase in the number of artists interested in this art have led to the emergence of tourist attraction centers. In this chapter, digital art events and digital art museums are determined. And finally, digital art events and museum examples are given where digital art is an attraction.

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