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Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Social Innovation

Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Social Innovation
Author(s)/Editor(s): Chamindika Weerakoon (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)and Adela McMurray (RMIT University, Australia)
Copyright: ©2021
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4588-1
ISBN13: 9781799845881
ISBN10: 1799845885
EISBN13: 9781799845898


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Social innovation is identified as a mechanism response to burning social challenges and the evolution of hybrid organizations such as social enterprises. As a result, there is an overwhelming growing interest among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to know more about the significant concept of social innovation. Despite this significance, it is often argued that the meaning of social innovation is ambiguous and vague with theory lagging social innovation practice as the field is nascent, emerging, and remains underdeveloped. This may impede the research endeavors of conceptualizing and establishing its socio-economic underpinnings and the legitimization of the field.

Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Social Innovation illuminates and consolidates multiple views of social innovation theory, research, and practice, which to date have not been presented in one publication. The book provides an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding coupled with an assessment of the current research in multidisciplinary perspectives complemented by case studies representing each knowledge cluster in social innovation research. In this unique way, this book links theory to practice demonstrating praxis. While highlighting topics such as social enterprise, urban studies, management, ecological resilience, and social policy and networks, this book is ideal for students, academics, practitioners, researchers, and entrepreneurs looking to expand their knowledge, skills, and passion, and to sustainably pursue their social missions to bring about real social change that can transform communities and ignite innovative approaches to solving social challenges.

Author's/Editor's Biography

Chamindika Weerakoon

Chamindika Weerakoon is an Early Career Researcher and Lecturer in the Department of Business Technology and Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. Her research focuses primarily on social enterprises, social innovation and business model innovation. She has published in the Journal of Small Business Management, Knowledge Management Research and Practice, and the Social Enterprise Journal. Dr Weerakoon’s international teaching career spans across 11 years including Sri Lanka and Australia. She has won numerous awards including the Inspirational Teaching Award from the School of Management, RMIT University Melbourne. ORCID:

Adela McMurray

Adela McMurray has extensive experience researching in public and private sectors and implementing organizational change and development. She has published over 300 refereed publications. Her research is internationally recognized, and she is the recipient of four Australian Research Council grants, two industry Collaborative Research Centre grants and various other grants totalling over AUD$5million. Adela has won teaching and leadership awards, chaired numerous USA Academy of Management Committees and is a member of various journal Editorial Advisory Boards. Adela’s research expertise addresses: Workplace Innovation, Organizational Culture and Climate, Cultural Diversity, and Sustainability. ORCID ID:


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