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Knowledge Management and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis

Knowledge Management and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis
Author(s)/Editor(s): Amy Metcalfe (The University of British Columbia, Canada)
Copyright: ©2006
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-509-2
ISBN13: 9781591405092
ISBN10: 1591405092
EISBN13: 9781591405115


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The combination of a techno-centric infrastructure, an electronically-driven business core, and the rise of computer-based instructional techniques creates a campus environment ripe for e-commerce trends.

While many books on the topic of knowledge management (KM) focus on functional issues relating to implementation of KM techniques, Knowledge Management in Higher Education: A Critical Analysis addresses the social aspects of KM that are largely ignored. Using various social science perspectives, Knowledge Management in Higher Education: A Critical Analysis provides critical analyses of KM in higher education, with an emphasis on unintended consequences and future implications.

Reviews and Testimonials

"Too much of the literature on knowledge management extols the virtues of KM principles and techniques but fails to explore the empirical realities of KM in practice. Ironically, too little of the literature also fails to systematically address colleges and universities, which are central sites of knowledge organization and production. Amy Scott Metcalfe' new book, Knowledge Management and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis, provides thoughtful analyses of the gap between the promise and pitfalls of KM in higher education settings, helping us to see the social dimensions of KM and to reconsider and reconceptualize its implications for the academy.


Knowledge Management and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis speaks to practitioners and scholars, offering a balanced treatment of the strengths, weaknesses, and context of KM in higher education. It provides insightful conceptualizations of KM, along with practical suggestions for KM practitioners in a series of useful cases.

– Gary Rhoades, Center for the Study of Higher Education, University of Arizona, USA

The book has a lot to offer to both students and teachers of educational technology, and can be used as a textbook. The editor has been successful in putting together a set of papers that provide both enthusiasm and caution to use KM strategies in higher education.

– Dr. Sanjaya Mishra, STRIDE, IGNOU, New Dehli

This is quite an interesting book that provides some valuable insights into the use of knowledge management in higher-education organizations.

– The Electronic Library, Vol. 24, No. 06 (2006)

Author's/Editor's Biography

Amy Metcalfe (Ed.)
Dr. Amy Metcalfe is an assistant professor of higher education in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Metcalfe researches the ways in which information technology affects the climate and culture of postsecondary education and the interorganizational structures of university-industry relations. She is also the author of “Overcoming Organizational Barriers to Web Accessibility in Higher Education: A Case Study,” in The Design and Implementation of Web-enabled Teaching Tools, edited by Mary Hricko of Kent State University (Idea Group).


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