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Internet Strategy: The Road to Web Services Solutions

Internet Strategy: The Road to Web Services Solutions
Author(s)/Editor(s): Matthew Waritay Guah (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and Wendy L. Currie (Warwick University, UK)
Copyright: ©2006
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-763-8
ISBN13: 9781591407638
ISBN10: 159140763X
EISBN13: 9781591407652


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Internet Strategy: The Road to Web Services Solutions reminds readers that several attempts have been made to convince the world that DOT.COM was developed to take over businesses, and the traditional way of creating businesses and running organizations would be condemned to the past. One of those attempts led to the Application Service Provision model, from which the current Web Services business model takes its origins.

As organizations start to carefully invest again, Internet Strategy: The Road to Web Services Solutions shows that the focus is on delivering value and enabling growth. The book concentrates on how to create, execute and evolve a customer-centric strategy of any Internet-based management strategy in order to provide valuable customer experiences.

Internet Strategy: The Road to Web Services Solutions presents how enabling technologies are as important as ever. It points out that there's a need to move to new levels in thinking and execution, to help organizations maintain cost efficiencies and enable growth in revenues and profitability.

Reviews and Testimonials

"Internet Strategy successfully combines theory and practice in its aim to disclose the motives and mechanisms of web services as they are developing and changing in the twenty-first century."

– Madely du Preez, University of South Africa, Africa

Author's/Editor's Biography

Matthew Guah (Ed.)
Matthew Waritay Guah is Assistant Professor at Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam where he was nominated for “Teacher of the Year” for the 2009-10 academic year. He also serves as visiting professor at Innsbruck University (in Austria) and visiting scholar at University of Hawaii @ Manoa (in USA), Warwick Business School (in UK), Salford University (Manchester, UK) and Westminster University (in London). He co-chaired the Healthcare IT track at ICIS-2009 in Phoenix, Arizona. He was deemed to have demonstrated exemplary achievement and distinguished contributions to the business community and certificated to appear in the 2008-2009 edition of Madison Who’s Who of Professionals. His current research projects concentrate on organizational issues surrounding emerging technologies in the healthcare sector and financial accountability. Other research interests include neo-institutional theory, socio-economic impacts of IS on government services delivery, resistance to IS, organizational reform, IS infrastructure, strategic planning for IS—with a more general interest in the cognitive, material and social relationships between science, technology and business as well as their implications for present-day understandings of creativity and innovation. Dr. Guah obtained his Ph.D. in Information Systems and Management Controls from Warwick Business School, MSc in Technology Management from University of Manchester, and BSc (Honours) from Salford University, UK. He came into academia with a wealth of industrial experience spanning over ten years (Merrill Lynch, CITI Bank, HSBC, British Airways, and United Nations). He’s authored Managing Very Large IT Projects and Internet Strategy: The Road to Web Services (with W. Currie). Recent journal publications include JIT, IM, ISM, JITR, IJST&M, IT&I, IJKM, IJHT&M, and IJT&HI. Editor-in-chief for International Journal of Healthcare Delivery Reform Initiatives. Editorial membership of JCIT, SJI, JIQ, JMIS and IJEC. Track chair for major IS conferences including ICIS, ECIS and AMCIS. Member of ERIM, AIS, UKAIS, BMiS, EAA and AAA. Dr. Guah currently serves as reviewer for a research study sponsored by European Union focusing on Electronic Healthcare initiatives in several European Countries.

Wendy Currie (Ed.)
Wendy L. Currie is Professor of Information Systems at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. She has recently won three research grants from the EPSRC, ESRC and EU for studies on e-business models, focusing specifically upon application services provisioning, web services and e-logistics and supply-chain management. She has wide experience within business and IT strategy, with numerous books and articles within the fields of IS strategy, outsourcing, e-business and the global software and computing services industry. Her recent books include, 'The global Information society’, 'New strategies in IT outsourcing in the US and Europe', and 'Rethinking MIS'. Her journals include OMEGA, BJM, EJIS, JIT, LRP, and others. She is an associate editor of MIS-Q, and on editorial boards of the JSIS, JIT and JCM. A member of the US-AIS and the UK-AIS, she is a visiting fellow at Oxford University and associate faculty at Henley Management College.


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