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Handbook of Research on Critical Issues and Global Trends in International Education

Handbook of Research on Critical Issues and Global Trends in International Education
Author(s)/Editor(s): Megel R. Barker (TASIS England, UK), Robyn Conrad Hansen (Northern Arizona University, USA)and Liam Hammer (International School of Lusaka, Zambia)
Copyright: ©2024
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-8795-2
ISBN13: 9781668487952
ISBN10: 1668487950
EISBN13: 9781668487969


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The Handbook of Research on Critical Issues and Global Trends in International Education addresses the growing complexity and diversity of international schools by examining the critical issues and global trends faced by practitioners in this field. With a lack of research on the experiences and actions of school practitioners in these isolated workplaces, this book aims to provide practical and evidence-based solutions. The book covers a wide range of topics, including equity and access, diversity, teacher retention, legal frameworks, school typology, governance, cultural competence, third culture kids, leadership and practice, technology, and parent engagement. Written by educational professionals, researchers, and anthropologists, it offers a unique collection of voices from those with lived experiences in this field, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the international school sector.

Whether you are an educator, researcher, policymaker, school leader, lecturer, or anthropologist, the Handbook of Research on Critical Issues and Global Trends in International Education is a must-read comprehensive guide to the complexities and challenges of international education, providing practical solutions for improving the quality of education in this rapidly evolving field. If you are looking to gain a nuanced understanding of the critical issues facing international schools and evidence-based approaches for addressing these challenges, this book is the perfect resource for you.

Table of Contents


Reviews and Testimonials

As the second chapter in the Handbook of Research on Critical Issues and Global Trends in International Education, "Leadership Through Critical Incidents in International Schools: A Study from Across the Greater ASEAN Region" is important to the field of international education through its valuable insights into how leaders in international schools navigate complex challenges. Through a study examining critical incidents, the author discusses outcomes from effective leadership and decision-making in diverse multi-cultural contexts. Additionally, the study contributes to our understanding of leadership dynamics in the rapidly growing and evolving educational landscape of the international school, and serves as a resource for current and aspiring leaders in international schools, equipping them with knowledge and skills to foster a resilient and adaptive school environment.

– Ian Gross

I felt compelled to write this chapter because the challenges facing our planet are mounting, and the soft power of international schools to generate beneficial change is unparalleled and seemingly - untapped. Unfortunately for the world outside them, these schools are often obsessed with the privilege they surround themselves with. They appear in much of the research to be blind to their environment and absorbed in their own image. This is why I used the poetic metaphor of Rilke's Flamingos to reframe their nature, and trouble its imaginary contribution to the world. Like these birds, they appear beautiful, vain, proud, abstracted, and inconsequential. This chapter is notable for its critical engagement with a phenomenon of lapsed moral and epistemological rigor at a time when crises threaten humanity’s ongoing existence.

– Alex Gardner-McTaggart

The Handbook of Research on Critical Issues and Global Trends in International Education edited by Dr’s Barker, Hansen and myself is crucial as it addresses the rapidly evolving challenges and opportunities in the field of international education, providing comprehensive insights into critical issues such as globalization, equity, and intercultural understanding. It serves as an essential resource for educators, policymakers, and researchers, offering evidence-based strategies and innovative practices to enhance educational outcomes globally in the international school ecosystem. This book is one of the few curated international school research handbooks published since Hayden, Levy, and Thomas, and includes chapters from luminaries such as Gardner McTaggart, Springer, and Heyting.

– Liam Hammer

The Handbook of Research on Critical Issues and Global Trends in International Education is a monumental collection of research in international schools. Research in international schools is still scarce even though it is a big field with a geographical representation around the world, enrolling 1.9 million students with almost 160,000 employees. The collection of book chapters is a must have for anyone connected to or interested in international education and research.

– Emilijia Stojanovski

Author's/Editor's Biography

Megel Barker (Ed.)
Megel R. Barker, with 28 years of educational experience, is a distinguished leader in international education. Currently serving as the Head of Middle School at TASIS England, his career reflects a commitment to innovation and excellence. Born in Jamaica, Megel began his journey in International Education as a mathematics teacher and IGCSE coordinator at AL Sahwa Schools in Muscat. His passion for education transcended borders, leading him to become the Middle School Principal at ABA Oman International School. During this time, he also served as the Middle Years Programme (MYP) coordinator for six years. He currently reviews books for Corwin Publishing, serves as an assessor for the NPQH qualification and is an AAIE Fellow. He is also the founder of the podcast: Your Book, Your Story which provides a platform for newly published authors to share their experiences. Megel's academic achievements include a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, and his research on the impact of COVID-19 on middle leaders underscores his dedication to the field. He has presented at global conferences, sharing insights on student agency and ethical leadership. As an ASCD Ambassador for Oman, he promoted collaboration in education. He is currently the Chief Academic Officer at Education Solutions International, a philanthropic organisation providing professional development of teachers in Jamaica, and Chair of the Education Task Force at Jamaica Middle East Diaspora. Outside his career, Megel is a father of four, a scrabble enthusiast, and a lifelong learner. Megel Barker's leadership and commitment to education inspire positive change on a global scale.

Robyn Hansen (Ed.)
Robyn Conrad Hansen is currently a Professor with Northern Arizona University in the Educational Leadership Department in the United States. She has over three decades of school leadership experience at the secondary and elementary levels. Dr. Hansen served as the President of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) in 2015 – 2016 and was named the National Principal of the Year in 2016. This experience led her to work with educators throughout the United States and in several countries supporting school leaders with professional development and mentoring. Countries include: South Africa, Kosovo, Columbia, Guam, China, India, and Croatia. Dr. Hansen and Dr. Frank Davidson published a book entitled: The Principal’s Desk Reference to Professional Standards in 2022. Robyn has a sincere desire to work with today’s youth and school leaders. Cultivating an educational environment that is rigorous and relevant, rich in real life experiences taught by world-class educators preparing them for a career that excites them for a lifetime, better enabling them to be the leaders of tomorrow. Prior to joining the team at Playa del Rey, she was the assistant principal at Highland Junior High School for 2 years (1999-2001) and Highland High School for 6 years (1993 – 1999) both in Gilbert. Her education experience began in Northern Wisconsin as a high school sports coordinator, teacher, and coach at Rhinelander High School where she is a proud alumna. Dr. Conrad Hansen is an Associate Professor teaching in the College of Education specializing in graduate level Educational Leadership courses at Northern Arizona University (NAU) where she has taught for sixteen years. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Wisconsin~Eau Claire, with her Master’s and Doctoral Degrees earned at Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Liam Hammer (Ed.)

Dr. Liam Hammer is an experienced and highly accomplished educator with education qualifications from institutions in the UK, Australia and the USA. He boasts over 25 years of international teaching and leadership experience across several continents using the International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Examinations (IGCSE), and the International Primary (IPC) and International Middle Years Curricula (IMYC). Currently Liam is the Head of School at the International School of Lusaka in Zambia. He is also an examiner, curriculum writer, and workshop leader for the IB and does school authorization visits for the IB, Council of International Schools (CIS) and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). His research interests center around the structural inequities in international education and he has presented at a number of conferences on the issue of split salaries on the basis of passports. Outside of education Liam enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and playing golf.


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