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Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business

Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business
Author(s)/Editor(s): Bryan Christiansen (PryMarke, LLC, USA) and Fatmanur Kasarcı (PryMarke Business Academy, Turkey)
Copyright: ©2017
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1031-4
ISBN13: 9781522510314
ISBN10: 1522510311
EISBN13: 9781522510321


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As global business competition continues to accelerate, it is imperative that managers and executives examine all facets of an organization so that it remains successful. Often dynamics such as espionage, diplomacy, and geopolitical atmosphere have a great impact on daily operations of an organization; however, these areas are often overlooked.

Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business highlights strategic planning and operations tactics in the areas of human resource management and security. Featuring the impact of espionage, geopolitics, and diplomacy, this book is an insightful reference for business and government executives, scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and practitioners


Reviews and Testimonials

Highly Recommended. Unique content which is highly sought after in today’s times of uncertainly. Knowledge is Power, and understanding diplomacy, espionage, and geopolitics is imperative for the sustainability of all Global Business.

– Dr. Meena Chavan, Program Director International Business, Macquarie University, Australia

Editors Christiansen and Kasarci present readers with a collection of academic essays and scholarly articles focused on contemporary and emerging geopolitical, and diplomatic issues arising in contemporary international business, as well as current trends in corporate espionage and efforts to combat it. The seventeen selections that make up the main body of the text are devoted to the blurred lines between competitive intelligence and corporate espionage, nationalism and patriotism in international business, cybersecurity concerns in international business, and other related subjects.

– Protoview Reviews

This book focuses on the role of three factors in international business: geopolitics, corporate espionage, and diplomacy. The book is well organized. A table of contents is followed by a detailed table of contents. Chapters open with abstracts (identical to the chapter descriptions in the detailed table of contents) and end with references. There are black-and-white figures scattered throughout. The volume concludes with brief biographies of the contributors, a list of compiled references, and an index.
Under the editorship of Bryan Christiansen, from PryMarke, LLC, USA, and Fatmanur Kasarci, from the PryMarke Business Academy in Turkey, this volume covers a wide range of topics in 17 chapters. Topics include the influence of Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe's economic policies on international business, the effects on international business of economic nationalism and patriotism, cybercrime (with a heavy emphasis on the United States, China, and Russia), the development of Korean pop music and the need for copyright regulations, the geopolitics of immigrant labor, and much more. The material is timely, particularly in light of the marked rise in nationalism in the twenty-first century and the simultaneous increase in cybercrime. This book is recommended to college libraries looking for a book on the effects of geopolitics, corporate espionage, and diplomacy on international business. College libraries can also buy electronic book chapters separately if the cost of the whole volume is prohibitive.

– ARBA Staff Reviewer

Author's/Editor's Biography

Bryan Christiansen (Ed.)
Bryan Christiansen is the Chief Executive Officer of Tactical Systems, LLC in Indiana, USA. A former business lecturer at universities in Turkey, Russia, and the USA, he has traveled to 41 countries where he has conducted international business since 1985 in multiple languages and various industries with Global 500 firms and smaller. Christiansen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing at the University of the State of New York in 1996 and his MBA degree at Capella University in 2003. The author of 20 Reference books on business, economics, and psychology, he is currently working on his Doctor of Business Administration degree at Middlesex University in London, England and is expected to graduate in 2020.


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