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Cases on Professional Distance Education Degree Programs and Practices: Successes, Challenges, and Issues

Cases on Professional Distance Education Degree Programs and Practices: Successes, Challenges, and Issues
Author(s)/Editor(s): Kirk P.H. Sullivan (Umeå University, Sweden), Peter E. Czigler (Örebro University, Sweden) and Jenny M. Sullivan Hellgren (Umeå University, Sweden)
Copyright: ©2014
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4486-1
ISBN13: 9781466644861
ISBN10: 1466644869
EISBN13: 9781466644878


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Although internet technologies have transformed the concept of professional development by providing the opportunity for virtual learning environments in a non-traditional setting, the implementation of professional distance education programs still poses a challenge.

Cases on Professional Distance Education Degree Programs and Practices: Successes, Challenges, and Issues examines the best practices for executing technology applications and the utilization of distance education techniques. This publication will serve as a reference for academics and instructors coordinating distance education programs, initiating distance education courses, and implementing such programs for those earning professional degrees.

Reviews and Testimonials

Education scholars present 12 case studies that describe and critique the presentation of a professional teaching degree through the Internet, both as currently practiced and as predicted for the near future. The topics include experiences of an online doctoral course in teacher education, challenges and solutions of creating online community, introducing peer collaboration in a networked English writing class, culturally responsive online learning for Asian/Pacific Islanders in a Pacific Island university, a case study of a learner-centered approach to distance education in Vietnam, and the nature of a successful online professional doctorate.

– Annotation ©2013 Book News Inc. Portland, OR

Authored by 20 international scholars and practitioners, this collection has an international coverage from Western and Eastern countries, both technologically advanced and those not as advanced. Covering topics such as specific online programs including MBA and teacher education, plagiarism, creating online community and collaboration opportunities, interaction, and security, the authors offer reports from the field.

– Sara Marcus, American Reference Books Annual

The book enlightens the reader about areas of online learning in need of improvement and offers practical insights to those who are currently enrolled, or are thinking of enrolling, in an online doctoral education course. [...] Useful as a library reference book for educators, as well as administrators in open and distance education universities or dual mode universities.

– Dr. Nilgun Ozdamar Keskin, Anadolu University, Turkey, GLOKALde Journal, 1(3)

Author's/Editor's Biography

Kirk Sullivan (Ed.)
Kirk P H Sullivan is Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Language Studies at Umeå University, Sweden. Kirk teaches online and on campus classes in linguistics, cognitive science, and special educational needs. His research interests concern distance education, iPad pedagogy, indigenous language literacies, writing, and forensic linguistics. Kirk has published in Swedish and International journals and books. Kirk enjoys life-long learning and makes the most of the opportunities distance education via the Internet affords the student.

Peter Czigler (Ed.)
Peter E. Czigler is Senior Lecturer in Hearing Sciences in the Department of Health and Medical Sciences at Örebro University, Sweden. He teaches on campus and online classes in speech and hearing sciences, communication, and health communication. He is the director of the Audiology Program, and as such he is responsible for the structure and content of the program. He specifically focuses on the progression of student’s scientific development during three years of studies. Peter’s research interests concern computer supported education, e-learning, e-portfolio, and health communication.

Jenny Sullivan Hellgren (Ed.)
Jenny Sullivan Hellgren currently works in the Department of Science and Mathematics Education at Umeå University and researches motivation for learning STEM subjects in high school. She completed her PhD in 2003 at the Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Before taking up her current position, Jenny trained as a high school teacher and taught distance based courses. Her research interest in distance learning is grounded in her practitioner experience.


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