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SRGM Decision Model Considering Cost-Reliability

SRGM Decision Model Considering Cost-Reliability
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Author(s): Wenqian Jiang (Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), China), Ce Zhang (Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), China), Di Liu (Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), China), Kaiwei Liu (Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), China), Zhichao Sun (Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), China), Jianyuan Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), China), Zhongyin Qiu (Harbin Institute of Technology, China) and Weigong Lv (Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), China)
Copyright: 2022
Volume: 14
Issue: 2
Pages: 19
Source title: International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics (IJDCF)
Editor(s)-in-Chief: Feng Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
DOI: 10.4018/IJDCF.302873


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Aiming at the current software cost model and optimal release research, which does not fully consider the actual faults in the testing phase, a cost-reliability SRGM evaluation and selection algorithm SESABCRC is proposed. From the perspective of incomplete debugging, introducing new faults, and considering testing effort, the imperfect debugging SRGM is established. The proposed SRGM can be used to describe the testing process of the software through the actual failure data set verification, and is superior to other models. Based on the proposed SRGM, the corresponding cost function is given, which explicitly considers the impact of imperfect debugging on the cost. Furthermore, an optimal release strategy is proposed when given restricted reliability target requirements and when considering the uncertainty that the actual cost may exceed the expected cost. Finally, an experimental example is given to illustrate and verify the optimal publishing problem, and parameter sensitivity analysis is carried out.

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