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Uruemu Agwae

Uruemu (Agwae) Uzamere, MEng is a graduate of the Technology Innovation Management Engineering program at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc Honours) in Electrical Electronics Engineering from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Uruemu’s master’s project on mitigating blind spots in cybersecurity She has several years cognitive work experience in IT Management; Network and Desktop support, Quality Assurance, Research, Technical Support and Administration, having worked at different organizations including VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation. As a competent Engineer, an astute proponent of Cybersecurity and a brilliant Communicator, Uruemu has excelled in all her Educational and Professional endeavours. She is particularly exceptional in the areas of contemporary Research, proficient Time Management and organizational skills Uruemu’s experience enhances her ability to contribute towards improving Organizations’ global business outcome, by means of technical research whilst providing support through engineering best practices. She uses a well-thought-out and modern approach to synthesize her practice with the values and organizational objectives for preferred outcomes.
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