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Shigeo Kawata

S. Kawata has been a professor at Utsunomiya university, Japan since 1999. He received his PhD from Tokyo Inst. of Tech. He has published a numerous papers in major international journals and in international conferences. He has also published 16 technical books. He has worked mainly about PSE (Problem Solving Environment), Computer simulation assistant environment software, Uncertainty in scientific computing, scientific computations on ion beam inertial confinement fusion, laser electron and ion acceleration and others. He has also contributed to organizations of a number of international conferences and internal meetings. He has also provided many invited presentations in these fields in international conferences. He is an APS life member since 1987 and an IEEE senior member since 2013. Utsunomiya University, Yohtoh 7-1-2, Utsunomiya 321-8585, Japan.
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