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Rui Alberto Jesus

Rui Jesus Graduated in Systems and Informatics Engineer (1993), M.Sc. in eCommerce (1998), and Ph.D. in Education (2010) researching eLearning tools and learning effectiveness with higher education health students. He has worked at Texas Instruments, Portuguese Society of Innovation (SPI, S.A.), Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto, and currently is with CESPU, Instituto de Investigação e Formação Avançada em Ciências e Tecnologias da Saúde. He is also professor of research and programming subjects at Instituto Politécnico de Saúde do Norte. He is a (co-)author of more than 10 scientific publications with peer-review on national and international conferences, including a book: Comércio Electrónico – Conceitos e Aplicações (eCommerce – Concepts and Applications), and a book chapter (eLearning and Solidarity: The Power of Forums). His current research interests are in the domains of eLearning and Health.
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