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Rohini Ganjoo

Rohini Ganjoo has been an educator and researcher for more than 10 years. Dr. Ganjoo is a founding faculty member of the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medicine (PBPM) Program and is currently a director for the Translational Microbiology Program, the Immunohematology and Biotechnology Program, and Medical Laboratory Sciences (MSHS) Program in the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences Department, where she is an assistant professor. Dr. Ganjoo’s passion is student development. She developed the biology curriculum for the PBPM program and several graduate courses. Since joining The George Washington University (GW), she has mentored undergraduate and graduate students in education and clinical research, respectively. She is actively involved in GW committees and mentors faculty in conjunction with the university’s Teaching and Learning Center. In addition to her experience in teaching and life sciences, Dr. Ganjoo previously served as operations director of Ziby Creations, a technology-driven services provider and was responsible for business development, support, and operational efficiency.

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