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Omotayo Muritala

Omotayo manages the Research Department of the Lagos Business School. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Lagos and a Master’s degree also in Economics from University of Ibadan with a special interest in Development Economics. Before joining Lagos Business School he worked as a Deputy Research Executive at ValueFronteira Ltd where he was engaged in consulting studies for USAID, NESG/World Bank and private organizations in Nigeria. In 2013, he led the team that conducted field survey on Taxpayers’ Education, Rights and Satisfaction in Edo State, and in 2014/15 he was a member of the team that produced technical requirements for “Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement”: a nation-wide study that examined media strategies for strengthening advocacy programs and public policy reforms in Nigeria. Omotayo was a research field evaluator in a field (evaluation) study that formed part of Monitoring and Evaluation requirements for the Nigerian government SURE-P(rogram). This passionate economist was one of the architects behind the Modelling and Automation of Equity Price Prediction (un-published) Reports for banks and non-banks in Nigeria in 2014. Previously, he worked as a research assistant at the University of Lagos where he developed research designs, analysed research data and conducted literature and database searches, for research fellows/scholars. A Development Knowledge Facilitator (DKF) on Millennium Development Goal in 2009, he received Federal Government Scholarship Award for his MSc Studies in 2010. Omotayo is an associate member of Chartered Institute of Loan and Risk Management of Nigeria and an associate member of the Nigerian Economic Society.
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