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Ming M. Chiu

Ming Ming CHIU is Charles Hicks Professor of Educational Psychology and Research Methodology at Purdue University. He earned his bachelors in computer science at Columbia University, masters in interactive technology at Harvard, and PhD in Education at UC-Berkeley. He serves on the advisory board of mainland China’s Ministry of Education’s National Evaluation of Primary and Secondary Schools. He invented two statistics methods: statistical discourse analysis (SDA) and multilevel diffusion analysis (MDA). SDA models online and face-to-face conversations, showing how students’ social metacognitive skills enhance their micro-creativity. MDA shows how ideas spread through populations and detects corruption in the music industry. He also showed how economic growth, inequalities and cultural values affect nearly 500,000 students learning in 65 countries. Supported by 26 grants totaling over $4.5 million, he disseminated his research through 162 publications (including 87 journal articles), 3 television broadcasts, 17 radio broadcasts, and 148 news articles in 21 countries and regions.
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