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Matti Malkia

Matti Mälkiä is working as a senior lecturer (Administrative Science and Leadership) at The Police College of Finland, situated in Espoo, Finland. Before moving to the College he has worked about 12 years at the University of Tampere, Department of Administrative Science, in different research and teaching positions. Mälkiä has about 90 publications, including 10 monographs, 3 edited books and 34 research articles. Most of these have been published in the Finnish language, covering various aspect and themes of public administration, public organizations and public management. From 1993-1998 Mälkiä served first as a co-chair and then as a chair for International Social Science Council, Committee on Conceptual and Terminological Analysis (ISSC/COCTA) - an international and interdisciplinary research program focusing on conceptual and terminological analysis and social science communication. Mälkiä has organized several national and international scholarly conferences, including CIPA'99 - "Citizens and Public Administration in the Information Age: Constructing Citizen-Oriented Society for the Future." Mälkiä is currently concentrating his research on police administration and police management, including an application of ICTs in this field.
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