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M. Dolores Ramírez-Verdugo

M. Dolores Ramírez-Verdugo is an Associate Professor at the Department of Modern Languages and Methodology, Area of English Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). Her research involves two main areas of interests. The first one deals with technology-enhanced language learning in bilingual education and multilingual settings; second and foreign language acquisition, teaching and learning from cognitive and psycholinguistics perspectives; and CLIL as an action research approach to current national and international bilingual programs across Europe and USA. Her second field of research includes English and Spanish prosody, phonetics and phonology within systemic-functional linguistics (SFL) and auto-segmental metrical phonology (AM); spoken discourse analysis and pragmatics; cross-linguistic learner vs. native language corpora and corpus linguistics. One of the research outcome derived from this field of knowledge was precisely her study on Spanish vs English prosodic patterns and their pragmatic effects at a communicative level based on cross-linguistic corpora. This study was awarded with the first national prize in educational research (2003).
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