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Jennifer Ferreras-Perez

Jennifer Ferreras-Perez is a Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity student at Marymount University. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Forensic Pharmacology and two Master's degrees in Cybersecurity and IT. Her research focuses on the human factors of cybersecurity, particularly on how human cognitive limitations can impact cyber hygiene. Apart from her dissertation research, Jennifer has conducted studies on the benefits of implementing password managers in small and medium-sized enterprises, the impact of diversity in cybersecurity, and AI security risks in healthcare. Jennifer's academic journey began with her undergraduate studies in Forensic Pharmacology, which sparked her interest in the intersection of science and technology. She later pursued a career in cybersecurity and earned two master's degrees in the field. Her current research on human factors in cybersecurity is motivated by a desire to understand how individuals can be better equipped to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber threats. Jennifer's work has the potential to contribute significantly to the field of cybersecurity and promote safer digital practices for all.
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