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Gordon A. Crews

Gordon A. Crews, Ph.D., is Chair and Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (TX). He is also the President of the Veritas Consulting Group (WV). Prior to this position, he was Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology and Founder of the Center for Justice and Social Research at Tiffin University (OH). He earned a Ph.D. in Education/Criminal Justice, a Graduate Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and Master of Criminal Justice, from the University of South Carolina (SC). Prior to teaching, Dr. Crews worked in law enforcement as a bloodhound/narcotics k-9 officer & trainer, field-training officer, and criminal investigator; in corrections as a training and accreditation manager; and in insurance fraud as a private licensed investigator. His publications include refereed journal articles and book chapters dealing with juvenile and school violence, Occult/Satanic involvement and youth, and various law enforcement and correctional issues. Dr. Crews has also appeared as a consultant on national and international programming such as CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360?, The Abrams Report, Nancy Grace, Gloria Van Susteren, African National Television, and Due Diligence on Voice of Russia Radio Network.
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