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Gaetano Battistella

Born in Atessa (Chieti) on August 14th, 1957. Italian. Tel.+ 39 06 5007 4492 Mobile + 39 330 297837 Fax + 39 06 5007 4259 Degree in Mechanical Engineering (1981) University ‘La Sapienza’ Rome (cum Laude) – Specialist in Safety, Environment and Management Systems Certifications as Safety Manager, Process Safety Systems Manager, Quality Assurance Lead Auditor, Euro Consultant (EU Project Designer, Assessor, Monitor) Professional Engineers SINAL Register of Laboratories Quality Systems Inspectors (List B). MIUR CILEA REPRISE Experts. Arbitration Experts Register for Public Works. Professional Experts Register of Ministry of Interior (L. 7/12/1984 n. 818 art.1) for certifications releases of firefighting design approval and CPI/NOP. Technical Consultant Expert of Rome Court of Justice (Civil Section) for firefighting, occupational health/safety, management engineering. Languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish) Software (Office, Internet, Outlook, Photoshop, SPSS, AutoCAD, Studio Wiz) Manager Responsible of Service since 2006. Teacher of management systems, informatics, clean up technologies, waste management and safety. Director of more than 40 environmental training courses. Author and coordinator of more than 900 papers, presentations, publications, articles and technical reports, among which 12 books (list available). Coordinator of more than 600 stages and 80 internships for graduates. Companies Profile and main functions: ENEA, Rome – National Institute for Alternative Energies (1983-1987) Project Engineer and Manager for mechanical, thermal and nuclear power plants NSSS mechanical components design, construction and testing with main supplier Firms (Westinghouse, GE, FIAT-TTG, Ansaldo, Belleli, Nuovo Pignone). ENEA-DISP – Directorate for Nuclear Safety and Health Protection (1987-1994) Quality Assurance Lead Auditor of main nuclear safety Contractors (Westinghouse, Texas Instruments, Nuovo Pignone). Staff to the General Director for nuclear safety studies, operational research and international affairs. ANPA, Rome – Italian National Agency for Environmental Protection (1994-2000) Environmental training and education Manager. ‘ACNA Training Project' Responsible and Director of training courses. Coordinator of Stages and Internships Programme for graduates. Responsible of EU ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ Programme ‘LA21 E-Learning’ Project and Partner in ‘Growth’ Programme ‘Cascade’ Project. Responsible of contracts and agreements (SUDGEST, other Firms). APAT, Rome – Italian Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services (2000-2008) Manager responsible of the ‘Service for the Promotion of Environmental Capacity Building’ with 1 Sector, than of the ‘Service for Environmental Education and Capacity Building’ with 3 Sectors and 1 Website ‘Formeducambiente’. President in 2004 of ‘Green Spider’ Network of European Union Environmental Communicators. Responsible of ‘Dounya Parc’ Project with MATE (Algeria), ‘Capacity building and general training’ Project with EEAA (Egypt), ‘Capacity building and training courses’ Project with MATEE (Morocco) and MTE and EPA (Montenegro). ISPRA, Rome – Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (2008-Today) Responsible for international Networking in ‘Green Spider’ EU DGXII Network and in the Group ex Art.6 of UNFCCC, Partner in Projects for environmental information, as in Life ‘Act’ Project, ERA-NET SKEP Project, GEO Project. Coordinator of the ‘Task Force supporting the Italian Ministry of Environment for IPPC Permits release’ for Refineries and Chemical Industries. Member of Commission for Professional Register Certification in Industrial Engineering (2012-2013. Technical and management MIUR Assessor of the SILA Project for the empowerment of the University of Calabria in Arcavacata for 2012-2014.
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