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Fabrizio Stasolla

Fabrizio Stasolla, PhD, has a post-doctoral degree. He is assistant professor at University of Bari. His topic concerns the assistive technologies for children with multiple disabilities, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, Rett and Down syndromes, cerebral palsy, congenital encephalopathy, fragile X syndrome, post-coma patients who are in a vegetative state either in a minimally conscious state or are emerging/emerged from it. His interest deals with cognitive-behavioral interventions and alternative augmentative communication strategies for non verbal individuals, and/or for persons who are estimated within a normal intellectual functioning but who present pervasive motor disabilities. He teaches psychology of disabilities and rehabilitation to educational sciences students. Furthermore, he works on technological supports, PECS, VOCA, SGD, literacy process, ambulation responses, self-monitoring and self management of instruction cues to promote on-task behavior by students with learning disabilities, behavioral strategies for promoting adaptive responses and reducing challenge behaviors by children with severe to profound developmental disabilities. From 2013 up to present, he is ad-hoc reviewer for 20 peer-reviewed journals, he serves on the editorial board of 4 more peer-reviewed journals and he is an associate editor of the International Journal of Behavioral Research & Psychology.
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