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Deepashree Rajendra Prasad

Deepashree Rajendraprasad is a passionate health informatics professional with a foundation in clinical dentistry. Her fascination with healthcare processes and a passion for technology has led her to further her education in the United States, where she is currently pursuing her Masters in Health Informatics with a focus on Applied Data Analytics at Boston University. In addition, she is currently employed as Integrated Data & Analytics (Population health) Intern at Corewell Health, USA which is one of the major healthcare industries in USA. She brings a unique blend of healthcare and IT proficiency with skills in Microsoft Office Suite, SQL, Java, Python, R, Tableau, and Power BI. Her specialization includes healthcare data analysis, clinical data management, medical coding, and strict adherence to HIPAA compliance and ICH/GCP guidelines. Additionally, she has a thorough understanding of health information systems, healthcare quality improvement strategies, and health data standards. With hands-on clinical experience, she is adept at addressing real-world healthcare challenges and navigating Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance claims systems. Her primary goal is to leverage her skills in health informatics and data analytics to improve patient outcomes, enhance healthcare operations, and boost the efficiency of healthcare delivery. She eagerly anticipates the chance to contribute her skills to a challenging health informatics role in the global level.
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