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Celine Ndong

I graduated in 1999 in Biochemistry at University “Aix-Marseille III” in Marseille (France). I worked as an expert/ technologist at public compagnies like ENEA, APAT, and ISPRA. In particolar, i have worked in the Toxicology and Biomedical Sciences Sector of ENEA about the development of electrochemical immunosensor, and in the Physical Agents Service of APAT/ISPRA on environmental impact assessment and health from physical agents, and on management of environmental indicators for the implementation of the Yearbook of Environmental Data and Environmental Report. I have worked too in different research projects on protection from exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, and in various working group like “Environmental Impact Assessment” and “Strategic Environmental Assessement” as tecnical support. Currently i work in the AmbNet Service of ISPRA about projects of United Nations Environment Programme/Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) concerning the environment in the Mediterranean basin, and also collaborate in activities for technical support to the Commission ISPRA IPPC regarding Thermal power stations, steelworks, platforms to sea , and Chemical plants.
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