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Azamat Abdoullaev

From 1975 to 1981, Dr. Azamat Abdoullaev is a postgraduate and research associate at the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Physics (Moscow, Russia). In 1988 he received a scientific degree in physics and mathematics (the PhD equivalent) conferred by the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Lebedev's Institute of Physics, Moscow. In 1989, a year latter, he submitted a doctorate dissertation in the philosophical sciences, which was published as a book, ‘Introduction into Information World’, by the USSR Academy of Sciences. The work pioneered the role of global ontology for building (encyclopedic) intelligent systems.

From 1983 to 1991, the author was a research scientist at the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information at the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Government Committee in Scientific and Technical Information. From 1993 up to date, Director and Chief Research Scientist of a Russian company, the first business corporation entirely engaged in research and development of Computer Intelligence Framework enabling a new class of knowledge society artifacts: large scale intelligent systems with encyclopedic knowledge, general reasoning and natural language power driven by standard global ontology and semantics technology.

Recently, Dr A. Abdoullaev established EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Limited Company in Cyprus to contribute to the emerging world market of intellectual information technologies and participate in the European Union programs for building knowledge-based economies. EIS Ltd has been incorporated with the major aim to develop and manufacture advanced knowledge applications and universal intellectual technologies:

  • Semantic web global ontology;
  • Encyclopedic knowledge products;
  • General-purpose intelligent software programs, systems, and packages;
  • Internet-based general reasoning applications;
  • Global web trading reasoning systems and intelligent business semantic applications
  • Knowledge Intensive Embedded Systems

The projected knowledge product lines are to be designed as the realization of the author’s pioneering research work on the fundamental principles of knowledge processing machines and general intelligent software systems, which have been published in several books and numerous technical articles and promoted via the Internet sites: (‘ONTOLOGY, SEMANTIC TECHNOLOGY, and KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY’)

In the field of Encyclopedic Intelligence Systems, for many years, the research web site dedicated to the standard global ontology and encyclopedic intelligence has been occupying the top slot in major web directories and search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Ask Jeeves.

Dr Azamat Abdoullaev is the creator of USECS, Universal Standard Entity Classification System, known as ‘’the World Directory of Things’’.

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