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Alejandro Elias Ochoa-Arias

Alejandro Ochoa-Arias is Professor at the University of Los Andes, Venezuela and Senior Researcher on Interpretive Systemology and Director of the Centro de Investigaciones en Sistemología Interpretativa at the University of Los Andes. Current research interests includes civil society, development, political philosophy and organizational studies, free knowledge and free technology as well as the use and implications of technology in running public affairs. Alejandro has been visiting researcher at the University of Hull (UK) and the University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina). He also co-edited a book titled Community Operational Research: OR and Systems Thinking for Community Development with Gerald Midgley (Springer, 2004). He has several publications on refereed journals and has been invited speaker at many institutions in Venezuela and elsewhere. Alejandro was a member of the Directive Board of a Regional Development Office at Venezuela and member of the Directive Board of the National Council for Free Technology in Venezuela. He got his Master degree in Information Management at Lancaster University (UK) and his PhD at the University of Hull (UK). Currently, he is developing a study on the holistic design of the city at Mérida, Venezuela.
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