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Adele Boccasini

Adele Boccasini, MA and clinical psychologist, is a research assistant at the No-Profit Organization "Lega del Filo d'Oro", a rehabilitative center for deaf and blind persons who present multiple disabilities. Her main topics concern the assistive technologies and microswitch-based programs for promoting self-determination and independence of individuals with severe to profound developmental disabilities. Specifically, her work deals with aided-alternative and augmentative communication strategies (e.g. speech generating devices) for non verbal children (e.g. Rett syndrome and post-coma patients in a minimally conscious state and/or emerging from it), cluster technology aimed at pursuing the dual goal of enhancing an adaptive response and simultaneously decreasing a challenge behavior, microswitches and contingent stimulation for fostering locomotion, computer and microswitch-based interventions for improving leisure skills. Within this framework, she co-authored several papers on different indexed and peer-reviewed journals.
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